Review: Top Coffee Makers with Grinder

Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control Coffee Maker

It’s as simple as it gets: to achieve your perfect cup of coffee, you need the right weapons. For those who are searching for coffee makers with built-in grinders, you, my friend, have arrived at the right place. With the accurate coffee machine, you will have nothing less than your desired cup every morning, or whenever you want yourself some caffeine rush. Besides, the closer your brew to the grinding date, the fresher the coffee, and this is exactly why a grinder is the best for you.

Sit back and relax as we bring to you the best coffee makers with grinders!

Breville BCG820BSSXL

Breville BCG820BSSXL Coffee Maker with Grinder “Smart Grinder Pro”  

60 precise grind settings from the finest Espresso to the coarsest French Press Grind. Voltage: 110 120 Volts. Power: 165 Watts

Precision Electronic Timer allows users to adjust grind time in 0.2 second increments and consistent dose every time

The company Breville has been standing strong in the market since 1932 and it has successfully launched the ground-breaking Smart Grinder Pro. This is a coffee machine that comes with a built-in grinder which is perfect for those who love their cup as fresh as can be. It boasts advanced features that serve some real fantastic coffee flavor. 

What’s in it?

  1. Multiple grinding options

In the world of Smart Grinder pro, we are not limited to just one to two grinding settings. How many then, you may ask? Well, just a whooping 60 multiple options to let you achieve the brew you so desire. From fine to coarse and everything in between, the choice is yours. If you want some good espresso, select fine to ultra fine. On the other hand, if you opt for a French Press, choose that coarse setting. You can even adjust the Upper Burr’s grind quality to your liking.

  1. Durability

The burrs are made of a high quality stainless steel and this material is a great environment for achieving the accurate temperature for brewing. On top of that, its design helps seal the essential flavor in.

  1. Large reservoir

It can fit up to 16 ounces of coffee beans so making a few cups is a breeze. It also houses a locking system that gives us the comfort of easy storage, bean hopper transfer, and simple bean removal.

  1. Pre-set grind time

The Smart Grinder Pro has an electronic timer available for you. Here, you are allowed to pre-set the grind time and it comes in 0.2 increments. Once you figure out the timing that gives you the perfect brew, you can set it, and enjoy it any time!

Positive features

  • Quick brewing
  • Great value for your money
  • Operates relatively quietly even during the grinding process
  • Great quality coffee
  • 60 multiple settings displayed on the LCD screen

Negative features

  • Basket lid gets in the way
  • Grinding process results in a slight plastic scent but this goes away after a few uses

Final say

The Breville BCG820BSSXL Smart Grinder Pro is a versatile coffee maker that takes your perfect blend within an arm’s length. It has multiple setting options to cater to whatever your preference is. With its strong points being its noise-free operation, its top quality LCD screen, and a pre-programmable timer, this should be on top of your list!


Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control Coffee Maker

Single cup with variable size options or upto a 12 cup carafe; Dimensions:9 inch (W) X 14 inch (D) X 16 & ¼ inch (H); 1/2 pounds of Coffee bean capacity with locking system for easy removal, storage and transfe

With another coffee maker with a built-in coffee maker under its belt, Breville has truly delivered as always! The main selling point of this machine is the adjustable grinder. Additionally, you can grind your beans even before the brewing process  through its calibrated feature.

What’s in it?

  1. Top caliber grinder

One of the predictors of how good your coffee will be is the quality of grinding and brewing. It is also best to only have a minute of gap between grinding and brewing to have the freshest coffee. And this grinder does the job exceedingly.

  1. Grinding strength 

Having the correct grind strength will allow the flavors to be kept in your coffee. This unit allows you to choose from 8 different strength settings based on your preference. Moreover, it has a pre-ground option which lets you customize the brewing process.

  1. Auto-start

If you want your coffee readily available the moment you wake up, then you can program the auto-start function. Here, you can easily set the time when your machine will start grinding and brewing so you can have your fresh cup of coffee first thing in the morning. A pre-brew temperature control is also available so you can pre-set your preferred temperature.

  1. Add-ons

This unit can brew up to 12 cups of coffee in one preparation. That’s pretty impressive! It also houses an LCD screen that makes information available for you like the strength selection, water level, brewing time, grind size, etc. 

Positive features

  • LCD screen is easy to navigate and read
  • Elegant design
  • Thermal carafe can retain heat up to 3 hours
  • Reservoir can fit half a pound of coffee beans
  • Easy cleaning
  • Can brew up to 12 cups
  • Easy to adjust settings

Negative features

  • Some complain about them taking around 6 minutes for all-size steeping, however, it’s not that much of a con to me.

Final say

The customization capability of this coffee machine is one for the books. If you’re a control freak when it comes to your coffee, well this is undoubtedly for you!

Cuisinart DGB-650BC Grind-and-Brew Thermal 10-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker

Cuisinart DGB-650BC Grind-and-Brew Thermal 10-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker

10-Cup automatic coffeemaker with built-in automatic bean grinder

Fully programmable with Auto shut off, Brew Pause, 1- to 4-Cup setting, and grind-off option for pre-ground coffee

Double-wall thermal stainless-steel carafe keeps coffee hot and fresh. BPA free

Housing advanced features and versatile settings, the Grind and Brew can deliver you your perfect cup every time. In one brew, it can serve up to 10 cups of coffee. 

What’s in it?

  1. Fantastic grinding and brewing

With this unit, the whole beans are ground into your preferred size. Through this feature, you can ensure yourself some perfect cups. This coffee maker basically houses all that you need to perfect your brew.

  1. Programmable setting

With this unit, you can pre-program a lot of things based on your preference. From the quality of your brew to its timing. Name it and you will have it! It also has a brew-pause function that allows you to take a quick sip in between brewing or lets you add one more cup just in case somebody came in late to your party!

  1. Exceptional design

The unit comes with a separate filter chamber and grinding component so placing and removing beans is a breeze. You even have an option to turn the grinder off once you have no pre-ground coffee left.

  1. Great add-on features

Whether it’s a coffee for one or a coffee for 10, this unit assures you only the best flavor and aroma. It has a reservoir lid you can easily maneuver through its release button. Additionally, it has a stay-cool handle, humongous control pane, adjustable auto-shut off and a shower head that allows some spill-free coffee pouring.

Positive features

  • Options for 1 to 4 cups setting
  • Brew less than 5 cups for a more efficient extraction, flavor, and temperature
  • A tone will be heard once brewing cycle is over
  • Option that allows you to turn the machine on and off
  • Control panel is easy to navigate

Negative features

  • It may take awhile to learn the how-to’s of the machine

Final say

May it be a single cup or a brewing for more people, this will definitely serve you a coffee quality that’s rich in aroma and flavor. We also love the audible tone it sends off to signal the completion of the brew. More control, more fun, as always!

Capresso 465 CoffeeTeam TS 10-Cup Digital Coffeemaker with Conical Burr Grinder and Thermal Carafe

Capresso 465 CoffeeTeam TS 10-Cup Digital Coffeemaker with Conical Burr Grinder and Thermal Carafe

Integrated conical burr grinder with direct-feed technology – compact space saving design

10-cup thermal carafe, 6 ounce bean container. Watts/Volts/Hertz: 1000W/120V/60Hz

Eliminates the need for messy paper filters and is dishwasher safe

Set the machine to automatically grind the coffee then brew at your programmed time

Arriving in its stainless steel glory, this beautifully designed machine can sit well on your kitchen counter. It also houses advanced features that makes this machine perform even more wonderfully.

What’s in it?

  1. Innovative technology

It utilizes a direct-feed technology. Basically, the filter holder is kept inside the machine while the grinding process is ongoing. Through this concept, you will surely have a brew that can rival those found in the coffee shops.

  1. Highly-customizable

This Capresso Coffee Team boasts of different smart and advanced features that allows a great deal of customization. You can set the amount of coffee to grind, the strength of your coffee, and automatic vs. manual operation.

  1. Easy to use

The control panel is user-friendly so it should not take you a long time to master this machine. The cover is see-through so it’s easy for you to monitor what goes on inside the carafe. It also has a programmable time so you can set the time to what specific time you want the grinding and brewing to start. Moreover, a drip-stop and stop-and-serve function are at your disposal for safe removal of the carafe during the brewing process.

Positive features

  • Easy access to the what happens inside because of the see-through cover
  • Timer that you can pre-program
  • Conical burr that allows slow but precise grinding for a more delicious coffee

Negative features

  • Grinding process induces a lot of noise
  • Unused beans cannot be removed should you want to replace it with another type

Final say

The Capresso 465 CoffeeTeam 10-Cup Digital Coffeemaker with Grinder poses a great competition among its kind in the market. Although some are put-off by the noise it creates, some are forgiving in exchange for its fantastic features and the quality of coffee it can brew. If noise isn’t a huge issue for you, this one is a great investment!

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