How to Make Plunger Coffee

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The Plunger, also known as a French Press, Coffee Press or Cafetiere, is a convenient and easy way to brew delicious coffee from roasted whole coffee beans.

While some believe the Plunger was first invented by the French in the early 1800’s, most agree that it was Italian designer Calimani who took the concept and created the coffee maker that we know today.

As the Plunger uses a seeping method for brewing more of the essential oils from the whole coffee beans are trapped within the brew and not thrown away with the filter as in the case of drip filter coffees.

The brew created is mild, perfect served with hot or cold milk.

It is also the ideal type of coffee for those who like to drink it “black”, with no milk.

Step One:

handful of coffee beans

Selecting the perfect roasted whole coffee beans for your Plunger

With few exceptions you can use just about any type of coffee beans from the lightest roasted to the darkest in your Plunger, according to your personal taste.

Most would agree though that a medium roasted whole coffee bean, sometimes known as an American Roast is the perfect type of coffee for your Plunger as, if made correctly, the resulting brew is a medium bodied, smooth coffee with no bitter after-taste.

Flavored beans are also ideal for the Plunger and create a delicious aroma throughout your room whilst brewing.

Regardless of whichever beans you choose the next step is the most crucial: Grind selection.

Coarse Grind is Best

As the process of brewing extracts the coffee grinds via a filter it is important that coffee for the plunger is a coarse grind.

The optimum way of brewing coffee is to grind your beans for each brew. However if you do not have a grinder at home and need to buy your coffee pre-ground follow this link for pre-ground coffee storage tips.

If your Plunger coffee tastes of grinds or sediment experiment with a coarser grind next time.

Step Two:

time lapse photo of French press

Preparing Plunger coffee

Coffee Plunger sizes are usually measured in “cups”. Your Plunger will be a one cup, two cup, four cup etc. Each Plunger will have a different recommended dosage for the amount of coffee you require, so make sure you follow the manufacturer instructions carefully.

  1. Remove the lid of the Plunger.
  2. Ensure that the plunger is clean and dry.
  3. Measure the amount of coarsely ground roasted whole bean coffee into the cylindrical beaker.
  4. Pour freshly boiled water (directly from your kettle is fine) over the coffee grounds.
  5. Tip! Pour the hot water slowlyto eliminate chance of a scalding splash back onto you as well as allowing the ground coffee to absorb and swell.
  6. Tip! If you live in an area where the water is too hard or has an unpalatable taste it is recommended that you use bottled water when you Plunge.
  7. Set a timer for four minutes.
  8. After four minutes carefully attach the lid to the cylindrical beaker and using the palm of your hand push down on the plunger very, very slowly until it can go no further.

Your coffee is now ready to enjoy!

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