How to Make Perfect Drip Coffee

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Make Your Coffee Put a Coffeehouse to Shame

To make perfect drip coffee, you will need beans, good quality water, and a simple piece of technology called a “one cup.” Melitta is a popular manufacturer of the one cup, sometimes called a cone manual, as well as the cone filters that hold your coffee.

To make your drip coffee, fill a water kettle or even a pot with ample water. Nothing is worse than running out of hot water mid cup! Bring your water to a full boil. It is also acceptable to use hot water from a tea tap or espresso machine, but you don’t need this fancy technology to make your perfect drip coffee.

How to Keep Beans Fresh

It’s best to use whole beans and grind them yourself. Since drip coffee is going to give you a fresher, stronger tasting coffee than anything from a brew coffeemaker, you might want to use less coffee to start than you otherwise would. To prepare the beans, simply place them in the mill of your coffee grinder and press down.

The grind of the beans is very important. You will want to look for a fine grind, though not as fine as you would need for a french press and certainly not as fine as espresso grind. It may take a few tries before you discover the right consistency, but a general rule is that the grounds should be uniform. A little smaller than kosher salt is a good comparison. If you have a few big chunks of whole bean, you can give the grind a few more seconds.

Once you discover how fresh and full-flavored drip coffee can be, you will certainly want to invest in a grinder, and Kitchen Aid makes a very nice coffee and spice grinder. Good quality beans should keep at room temperature in an airtight container or sealed bag. Pre-ground beans will never taste as fresh as fresh ground beans and should be avoided for the true drip coffee experience.

Getting to Your First Cup

Now that we’ve covered the bean basics, let’s get back to that first cup! While your water comes to a boil, grind your beans as discussed above. Take your favorite coffee mug, and warm it up if you so choose with some hot water. This keeps your coffee piping hot for a longer period of time. Place your Melitta cone on top of the coffee mug. If the opening of your mug is too wide or too skinny, you may have a more difficult time balancing the cone. Insert a fresh filter into the cone, and pour your coffee grinds into the filter.

Take your boiling water and pour until the water level nears the top of the filter. A good coffeehouse trick is to use a spoon or a chopstick to agitate the grounds. This ensures the grounds are always equally distributed in the water. When all the water has gone through, gently lift the cone to check the coffee level in your cup. If you’re groggy in the morning it can be easy to overflow your cup. Repeat the process of pouring water and agitating the grounds until your coffee has finished dripping.

You can make coffee for two with the same amount of beans. Simply place your two mugs side by side, and quickly lift the cone from one cup to the other when your first cup is full. For more than two cups, it’s best to prepare new grounds and repeat the process.

Easiest Cleanup

Now, you can relax with your morning coffee, and the cleanup couldn’t be easier! Simply place your one cup in the sink. The filter and grounds can be removed when they have cooled. Coffee grounds are a beneficial fertilizer for many common plants. Your coffee filter and grounds can also be composted. Try this easy method at home and you’ll be reluctant to make that cafe your morning stop ever again.

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