Cleaning The Nespresso Milk Frother

Nespresso milk frother

It is safe to say that Nespresso milk frother is the top-ranking of its kind in the market. Its simple design yet high functionality easily make the customers rave about this machine.

Nespresso Aeroccino is a well-loved brand that has more than four models of milk frothers available in the market today.

Its interior is made of Teflon, thus, it has a non-stick coating inside. However, one of the very few drawbacks of this frother is that some find it hard to clean. So, we created a little article to let you in on the secrets behind the Nespresso milk frother cleaning. It is not that difficult as you think!

How to clean the Nespresso milk frother

Nespresso milk frother
  1. Identify its design

The design of the Nespresso frother is pretty straightforward. It has a base that houses the motor unit with a detachable carafe. Its carafe is famous for its spill-free spout as. Take note as well that the sizes of the carafe jugs may differ from one model to another. 

This frother is ergonomically-structured and is easy to operate. It has an exterior that is made of non-corrosive metals and an interior that is made of, again, Teflon. The unit comes with whisks that are used in the frothing process.

  1. Get to know the features

Because of the Teflon interior, Nespresso milk frothers should stay away from dishwashers. 

Its heat is generated from underneath the unit. Because of this, the liquid in the bottom portion is at risk of getting burnt. To regulate this problem, strictly observe the maximum limit markings in the carafe to ensure even distribution of heat.

The machine can be operated in two different modes: the hot and cold. One of Nespresso’s milk frother models actually boasts of the capability to froth your milk even when it’s ice cold. 

  1. Learn to operate the machine

This is a rather obvious thing to consider if you want to lengthen your machine’s life span. To maximize its longevity, you may observe the following:

  • Use the appropriate whisk 
  • Never use a metal spoon to scoop the foam. Use plastic instead. 
  • Store the unit on a stable surface.
  • Never forcefully use a spoon for scooping, even if it’s plastic.
  1. Preparation
  • Put some warm water inside a bowl.
  • Get a soft sponge or a clean cloth.
  • Empty the contents of the carafe into a bowl before putting it into a concealed area.
  • Wash your hands first before touching the machine, especially if you used it to wipe off spewn milk.
  • Take the carafe jug out of the unit and transfer it to a clean and dry area. You may take the lid with it, leaving the motor unit behind.
  • Ensure that the power cord is removed from the power outlet.
  1. How to clean the carafe

Upon removing the liquid from the carafe, you will immediately notice buildup of congeals on the whisks. You would not want to scrape them off since you don’t want to scrape the coating off. The best way to address this is to fill the jug with warm water and allow the congeals to break down. This will remove around 70% of the leftovers. To remove the remaining deposits, pour warm water for the second time and gently wipe off using your fingers or a soft sponge. Feel free to keep repeating this until you have a clean interior.

  1. How to clean the exterior

To clean the exterior, including the motor unit, it is best to utilize a damp cloth. Wipe off any dirt and stains. After doing so, get a clean dry cloth to dry the damped areas. You may also level up your cleaning process by using olive oil in cleaning the exterior. This will keep your frother looking its best.

  1. Safety measure
  • Never allow warm water to stay inside the carafe for more than 10 minutes.
  • Don’t soak the motor unit in a water-filled bowl.
  • Ensure that the buttons and functions stay dry.
  • Let the unit cool down before cleaning it.
  • Store the machine in a cool and open space.
  • Immediately contact the manufacturer should you encounter any problems with the machine because might just be a candidate for unit replacement.
  • Put in effort in minimizing spills and spurts.
  1. Consistency

Never get tired of observing the correct way to clean your unit as this will contribute greatly to its longevity.

Last say

We hope you learned a thing or two on how to effectively clean your Nespresso milk frothers. If you are still on the stage of deciding on your purchase, we hope that this helped you put the difficulty in cleaning out of your “cons” list. 

Remember, it’s as good as how you take care of it!

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