The 5 Best Milk Frothers to Buy in 2020

Milk Froth

Do you enjoy your coffee with some velvety milk? Do you allot a certain amount of money for your daily coffee shop trips? Are you like me who does not compromise at all when it comes to your coffee experience? Well, if you are, you must consider getting yourself a milk frother. It will not only serve you your beloved coffee, but it will also let you save in the long run. 

As you might be in the search for the milk frother of your dreams, here we tackle the best five in the market as of today. Come and hop in as we get to know these milk frothers!

But first, what is a milk frother?

Milk frothers are what the baristas use to create a foamy and velvety milk. Some frothers can even froth some desserts and gourmet food. If you love yourself some cappuccinos or lattes, then that nice mouthfeel on top that embraces your lips as you sip is made from a frother. Basically, it mixes air with milk through agitation. This results in an increase in the liquid volume. There are various frothers out there and you just have to find what suits you best!

An ordinary machine that gives you a cup of cappuccino houses a steam frother arm which turns the steam into foam. But, if you are gearing to cheaper options, a handheld frother can do that job for you as well.  It has a hand plunger that is connected to a mesh screen that creates an aeration once the air flows through it. On the other hand, an electric frother uses a motor unit that acts like a whisk to pump air rapidly through the milk, serving you some nice frother beverage.

A milk frother wand is easy to use and froths your milk in no time. It is battery-operated with a whisk that functions to increase the volume of the froth. With this, some velvety goodness will be in your hands with a quick press of a button.

Quick history

Aerated milk has long been a part of various types of beverages. The milk frothers we have today are just improved and more innovative versions as compared to what was available before. Now, depending on the model, there may be improvements with the disc, the temperature control, and even means of heating. Way back, oscillation and vibration of the disc ensure the fastest rotation. But, take note that the great ones house a frothing disc. Also, this is easy and quick to remove making it easy to store and clean.

A patent for a frothing machine capable of creating micro-foams to milk was released by the Compagnie Mediterraneenne Des Cafes on November 12, 2009. But, it was Breville Pty. Limited that actually created a better technology for frothing the milk on October 6, 2016.

Up until today, there seems to be new models and every now and then that boasts of even more innovative features every time. We are excited for what’s in store in the frothing market!

Electric or handheld?

One of the first steps into deciding on what frother to get is to first decide whether you’d want an electric one or handheld.

  1. How to operate?

With electric frothers, a quick push of a button is all it takes. Just pour in your milk, push the button, and wait until the device serves you your steamed, heated, or frother milk. A cup of velvety coffee is within reach in as fast as 30 seconds.

On the other end of the spectrum, a handheld frother is relatively simple to use but may take you extra time because you have to warm the milk separately first before the frothing process.

  1. Froth quality

If you’re all for the thickness of the froth, an electric milk frother is more capable of giving that to you. It gives you a rich milk not only on the surface, but also within the depths of it. Also, if you want your coffee milk, a frother than can give you a thick froth works best for that preference.

For handheld units, small aerated bubbles are produced with the use of the frothing wands and this provides a different feel from what electric frothers can give.

  1. How often do you need to froth?

If you plan to froth your milk on the daily and as fast as possible, then an electric frother is the wiser purchase. This is the reason why restaurants and bars opt to use this type of device. 

On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget and don’t need your frothed milk most days of the week, a handheld milk frother is enough to satisfy your occasional cravings.

  1. Gains

The electric frother houses features you may never find in its handheld counterparts. It is easier and faster to operate, therefore, saving you time and energy. The components are also easy to remove and clean with an interior that is non-stick. It is not difficult to keep it in its tip-top shape.

The handheld frothers, on the other hand, require more effort as it’s manually controlled. But if you are not able to shell out a hefty amount, cheap handheld devices are available for you. A budget of $50 will already get you far!

Let’s review the top 5 milk frothers

Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk Frother

Breville BMF600XL Cafe Milk Frother

The Breville Milk Cafe is a stand-alone milk frother for making latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate, Chai latte …

For foamy cappuccino-lovers, this might just be your best friend. It utilizes induction as its source of heat on top of the fast rotation the device does to produce fine bubbles.

Here are its best features:

  1. Ease of use

This is a newbie’s cup of tea. With literally just a push of a button, this frother will work its way to your dreamy frothed milk. With minimal effort, the BMF600XL can serve you a top quality froth.

  1. Versatility

The unit can froth your milk in both hot and cold conditions. It can even function to near-boiling temperature. Simply choose the temperature of your choice, add the accurate insert, put your drink in, and wait for the frothing process to finish.

  1. Easy to clean

All the components of this model are safe to throw into the dishwasher except for the base. This saves you time from having to hand-wash everything. For people with a rather busy lifestyle, this find truly is a gem.


Although this has been proven to do its job, first-hand comments from customers include the lack in the temperature elevation. It was stated that the frothed milk only gets warm instead of hot, which some coffee lovers prefer. But, if you don’t need your coffee too hot, the beautiful consistency this frother gives is worth the investment.

What’s our final say?

As we’ve said, for the foamy milk it serves, the price is definitely worth it. It does its job efficiently and quickly making it a great purchase.

Epica Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Heater Carafe

Epica Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Heater Carafe

-Makes hot or cold milk froth for cappuccino or iced drinks, heats milk for latte and other hot drinks
-Stainless steel with vacuum insulation helps contents maintain temperature

We want to just get this out of the way: THIS IS OUR BEST ELECTRIC MILK FROTHER TO DATE! It is fuss-free, easy to operate, and offers high quality froth through its outstanding features and capabilities. Here’s a list of the things we love most:

  1. Multiple options

As compared to its competitors in the market, the Epica automatic milk frother and heater allows you to choose the specifics of your frothing process. It has settings for cold froth, hot froth, and hot milk. So be it your hot cocoa, cappuccino, or some ladies’ drink, the Epica can give you the topping of your dreams. It can even froth virtually all types of milk.

  1. Durability

The unit is made from stainless steel which is known to be a sturdy material to house a brother in. Also, the carafe boasts of vacuum insulation to keep your milk warm for longer.

  1. Carafe

This frother has a detachable carafe which makes transferring of the milk a lot easier. You will understand the blessing this is if you have already tried pouring a drink out of a corded jug.


As per its reviews, crusting up of the milk inside seems to be a nuisance to some. However, this is nothing a soapy warm water and some mild scrubbing can’t solve.

What’s our final say?

This one sturdy frother that allows you to have options on how you want you froth to be. It’s easy to clean and operate. Plus, it’s not our top pick for electric frothers for nothing!

Secura Automatic 250 ml Electric Milk Frother and Warmer

Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother 

To make hot drinks, press the ON/OFF button once and release immediately, both heater and frother will turn on. Press and hold the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds, the frother will turn on, but heater won’t turn on. This makes cold drinks..

The Secura Automatic 250mL electric frother and warmer is known for its relatively huge capacity that can froth your milk in both hot and cold conditions. 

Here, we listed our top reasons why we adore this device as well:

  1. Maximum limit indicator

This unit has a couple of markings inside the jug: one for the maximum level for the milk warmer and the other for the frothing process. These markings are important as they prevent spewing and spillage, thus, saving you from a tedious situation.

  1. Durability

The aesthetics of this frother is one that can sit beautifully with any kitchen countertops. It is sleek and it is sturdily manufactured. It also has vacuum insulation that lets you keep your preferred temperature for a longer span of time, whether you want your milk hot or cold.

  1. Froth quality

This frother efficiently gives you a wonderful cup of velvety and foamy milk. You will notice its topnotch quality at your first sip.


One of its biggest disadvantages is that it cannot be soaked in water, therefore, you need to hand-wash it with every clean. It is also reviewed to have burnt milk deposits at the bottom which may be a turn-off to some because not everyone has the luxury of time to scrub with soapy water.

What’s our final say?

If you live in a household of coffee drinkers, this unit may help you save time as it has a huge filling capacity. The time you save from not having to do a lot of preparations may make the hand-washing requirement worth it! At its price point, this is a good investment as well.

Bean Envy Handheld Electric Milk Frother

Bean Envy Handheld Electric Milk Frother

The silicone rubber handle is made to fit comfortably in your hand. By positioning the operating button on the top, your hand will be in an ergonomically desirable position. Your hand and wrist will thank you, and us. When you’re done frothing, rest your new Milk Frother in its beautifully designed and easy to store stainless steel stand that looks elegant in any kitchen.

Now, it’s time to talk about our favorite handheld milk frother. For a non-electric device, this creates that creamy and delicious froth that just ups your coffee game. We recommend it so much that we think it’s perfect for gifting!

  1. It froths fast

If you’re the type who does not have a lot of time in your hands, the Bean Envy handheld electric milk frother can froth up some amazing foam in a matter of 15 seconds. Yes, you heard that right! It operates at 19,000 rpm to whip you up a frothed milk you won’t be able to get over from. 

  1. Radiates elegance

We all love an extra beautiful addition to our kitchen and this unit did not disappoint. Its aesthetic design even offers a silicone rubber handle for safer handling. It is also made of stainless steel that ensures its durability.

  1. Solid design

Since it is made of stainless steel, you can expect this device to not break easily. It is truly a sturdy guy! In fact, you will feel its durability the very moment you first try to carry it. It is manufactured that well!


The only downside is that it does not have a control switch on the side. Other than time, this is extremely easy to operate.

What’s our final say?

If you want a lovely and efficient device to provide your coffee with some foamy layer, Bean Envy is a huge go for us. It does the job pretty amazingly and it adds beauty wherever you put it making it our top pick among all the handheld milk frothers we’ve tried!

Cafe Casa 2-Speed Milk Frother

Cafe Casa 2-Speed Battery Operated Milk Frother

Built to last and powerful. Weighing in at 11oz, this stainless steel latte maker has a firm sturdy grip, the curved body fits comfortably in your hand.

If you love your foam thick, either for your hot or cold drink, and prefer a handheld device than an electric one, you should immediately put the Cafe Casa 2-speed milk frother on your list. From a foamy, frothed milk to a straight out whipped cream, it’s totally up to you!

  1. One-piece body

This unit comes in a single-piece body. This means that it’s not divided into numerous components. It has a stainless steel whisk that gives you the confidence that it will not bend easily, thus, giving you a long time to enjoy your foamy milk.

  1. Easy to balance

With its design, it must be easy to think that it’s difficult to store. But, fret not! This device is actually easy to balance even without a stand. It saves you space and adds flavor to your countertop aesthetics.

  1. Dual speed operation

It operates at a 15,000 rpm of power with just 2 AA-battery requirements. It’s so versatile and powerful that this device doesn’t just froth milk, it can also whisk eggs and create some whipped cream. There’s also an option for a lower 13,000 rpm speed if you’re all for precision.


The usual complaints about this unit is the gap easily seen at the base of the handle. Also, a “middle stop” in the switch is also downside, however, this is not easy to see.

What’s our final say?

With the good easily outweighing the bad, we vote yes to this milk frother. You can bring it anytime and anywhere which means you can always whip yourself up some good quality velvety milk.

And there you have it!

We hope you learned a thing or two from our mini review on the top 5 milk frothers in the market. Remember that preferences may differ, so make sure to get the one that’s best for you. Have a great time frother shopping!

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